Wish a family all the best on their new member addition. Baby booties for the little one followed by an assortment of organic, seasonal fruit han picked from a local farm. A selection of teas (chamomile, decaf green and english breakfast) that can be sweetened with honey from local beekeepers and served in our travel cup. Raw cold-pressed juice paired with freshly baked pastries (butter croissant, blueberry muffin and a bear claw), chocolate chip cookies from our local bakery, and water in a box.

All nicely packed in a decorative basket and wrapped with a cellophane bag and a bow.

Welcome Baby

Bottled juice
    • Decorative basket
    • Baby booties
    • Compostable spoon and napkin
    • Travel cup
    • Water bottle
    • Bottled juice (make selection)
    • Fruit assortment (based on season)
    • Assorted tea (decaf green, cafeine-free chamomille, english breakfast)
    • Local honey
    • Assorted pastries (croissant, bear claw, muffin)
    • Bag of cookies
  • All pastries are made in a facility that processes other products wich may contain soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and eggs.