Send all your positive vibes to the person who isn't feeling so well. This basket contains a selection of teas (chamomile, decaf green and English breakfast) that can be sweetened with honey from our local beekeepers and served in our coffee mug; raw cold-pressed juice and an assortment of hand picked organic seasonal fruits from a local farm; a freshly baked cherry turnover that can be accompanied with a delicious matcha oatmeal made by one of our local vendors. Everything comes inside a decorative basket wrapped in a beautifully cellophane bag and a small balloon.

Get Well Soon

Bottled juice
Instant oatmeal
    • Decorative basket

    • Coffee mug

    • 9" baloon

    • Compostable spoon and napkin

    • Assorted tea

    • Instant oatmeal (make selection)

    • Local honey

    • Sugar pack (white, brown, stevia and sweetner)

    • Turnover (cherry)

    • Bottled juice (make selection)

    • Fruit assortment

  • All pastries are made in a facility that processes other products wich may contain soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and eggs.