The light side of Break Delight. It starts with a raw cold-pressed green juice and a granola bar from a local vendor; an assortment of teas (chamomile, decaf green and English breakfast) with honey from local beekeepers and a reusable travel cup. Matcha oatmeal from a local vendor, organic, an assortment of hand picked organic seasonal fruits from a local farm and homemade parfait perfectly paired with locally made granola.

It all comes in a recyclable box beautifully decorated with ribbon and a bow.

Deli-Light Breakfast

Bottled juice
Instant oatmeal
Granola bar
    • Box

    • Compostable spoon and napkin

    • Travel mug

    • Green juice (make selection)

    • Assorted tea (cafeine-free chamomille, decaf green, english breakfast)

    • Granola bar (make selection)

    • Instant oatmeal (make selection)

    • Parfait

    • Granola

    • Sugar pack (white, brown, stevia and sweetner)

    • Local honey

    • Organic fruit (seasonal)