Applause successes, wish well on new beginnings or simply congratulate someone; the congratulations basket is to wish all the best.

It features homemade parfait that can be mixed with granola and honey from our local vendors. Instant coffee with sugar and locally produced cream, together with an empanada of your choice and freshly baked pastries (butter croissant, blueberry muffin and a bear claw), all local.

Everything is packed inside a recyclable box and wrapped on a reusable cloth using the Furoshiki wrapping technique.


    • Box

    • Coffee mug

    • 9" congratulations baloon

    • Compostable spoon and napkin

    • Instant coffee

    • Sugar pack (wite, brown, stevia and sweetner)

    • Creamer

    • Local honey

    • Assortmen of seasonal fruit

    • Parfait

    • Granola

    • Bag of pastries (croissant, bear claw and muffin)

    • Empanada (make selection)

  • All pastries are made in a facility that processes other products wich may contain soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and eggs.