A great way to start any birthday celebration! The birthday basket features a selection of organic and locally sourced seasonal fruits, an empanada of your choice (packed in a reusable bag), and freshly baked cookies which can be enjoyed with your choice of locally sourced raw cold-pressed juice or instant coffee, mug included! All of your items will come carefully packed in a recyclable box and decorated with an inflatable ballon and ribbon to surprise your loved one on their special day!

Happy Birthday

Bottled juice
    • 9" happy birthday baloon
    • Compostable spoon and napkin
    • Box 
    • Coffee mug
    • Fresh juice (make selection)
    • Sugar pack (white, brown, sweetner and stevia)
    • Creamer
    • Instant coffee
    • Empanada (make selection)
    • Assorment of seasonal fruit
    • Bag of cookies
  • All pastries are made in a facility that processes other products wich may contain soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and eggs.